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EDX3280 - MATH IN MIDDLE & UPPER PRIMARY (Semester: 01 - 2015)
Purchase EITHER of the following two books -

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ALL STUDENTS should also purchase the following (refer additional instructions below) -

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$ 20.00
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Subscription for WEB access

ON CAMPUS STUDENTS are NOT to buy QuestGarden ONLINE but in person at USQ Bookshop.
You MUST then present your certificate, which contains your Login/Password to your
lecturer, to receive a cohort access code.
ALL OTHER STUDENTS must purchase their QuestGarden ONLINE only
through the USQ Bookshop website.
PLEASE NOTE: Students who purchase QuestGarden ONLY via the
this will be removed from your order before processing.
Your certificate, which contains your Login/Password, will be sent to your
USQ email address from the lecturer AS WELL AS, your cohort code.